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WeSoftware ERP

A product of GSA Analytics UK built to manage all your ops activities in all industries.


We-Software is a mini-ERP system build to help you manage all your operations activities in all industries. We-Software is a better way to manage your business, at a lower cost on a global scale.

Clients Jobcard

  • Create Customer Job card & Print receipt.
  • Manage and update work and activities status.
  • Create QC record for each work.
  • Print invoice for completed task.

Purchase Orders

  • Create your purchase order in easy way.
  • Auto select for item details.
  • Update your item price and quantity.
  • Add and update any comments or note.

Store Management

  • Create new items and categories details.
  • Control and analysis all items details.
  • Add/delate items and print the inventory.
  • Quick view for Inventory Balance and value.

Invoicing system

  • Track and analysis all invoices details.
  • Generate income statement and financial.
  • Track all paid and receivable amount.

Reports & Analytics

  • Quick view dashpot for online details.
  • Data insight for business performance.
  • On spot update for P&L and team productivity.