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Certificates Validator

Now print the validation system link over the back of all your certificates, so anyone can validate any printed certificate and make sure its real, not fake, by validating the least real information required. directly from your website.

Digital Assessments Online Center

By using your Digital Assessments Online Center, You will be able to create unlimited number of quizes and exams to unlimited number of users, including instant score, and reports being sent to you via email. Every account will expire in a specific date set by admin.

Courses SMS Verificator

Now make your clients receive a SMS from your company name, informing them that their next course is approaching, or is canceled, or is postponed, or a reminder to a certain exam, always make your company in touch with its clients.

Trainees Check-In System

The most simple and easy way to use to make your trainees check in & check out on a single check in/out station, So you can keep track of trainees who attended your training, and make sure you can easily spot those who didn't attend.

Download Center

No need to upload to emails, filezilla, consume Outlook, or using 4shared! You can now have your own download center, with the ability to make some files expire after a certain duration, or set some links to be able to download for only one time!

Do you have a content that the user must pay first to download, or any kind of training videos or documents, with this solution, you can upload the files, set the price, and connect it to your payment account, and anyone want to download, will need to pay first.

Now switch to the online payment! send to your clients just one link with the requested amount (PDF Format with Details) so they can pay using their VISA or MasterCard, all funds will be sent to your PayPal Account, and Skrill, and much more services.