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After-Sales Solutions

After-Sales Solutions Deployment from GSA Analytics

We deploy it, easily!

Are you looking for a Service Center deployment for phone repair or any other customer needs? GSA Analytics can help you to achieve that.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the After-sales industry our consultant team are ready help setup proper plan to build your authorized service center based on the global brand requirements like (Apple, Samsung, Nokia, others).

Our technical team is here to help you setup the proper plan based on your projection repair volume to control your cost and achieve your profitability by considering the below main Pillars of the authorized service center

  • ESD workshop which includes place with ESD equipment's and materials
  • Genuine repair tools.
  • Full trained staff including fully trained technicians /Supervisors /storekeeper
  • ERP system to control all operations work in terms of time /cost /quality

ESD Workshop

ESD [Electrostatic Discharge] is the main point need to be implemented for any authorized service center to protect the PCBA during the repair process, and we are here to help you arrange the proper setup for these requirements.

  • ESD floor mate supported with a copper tape point attached with grounded point.
  • EDS tables including the table mate and ESD grounded points.
  • ESD items for technical staff.

Genuine repair tools

After proper ESD installation technician table should include the main repair tools like (Microscope, ESD soldering station, Hot air gun, Opening tools set, Wrist band for grounded points)

Full trained staff

Our team are qualified to deliver a training program for the technicians and operation staff to insure all the SPO are implemented, and the service center provide the write services on global stander.

ERP System

ERP system is one of the important tools to control quality, cost, and time in the service center. Our We-Software cloud-based system has been customized to help achieve your target by include

  • CRM.
  • Inventory management.
  • Invoicing system.
  • Reporting dashboard to visualize your data to control the performance and staff KPI .